How to Get a PPH Sportsbook

You’re in the right place if you want to get a pay per head sportsbook started.

We offer pay per head services to clients worldwide. We’d love to bring you on board as well. We make it as simple as possible for anyone to launch a PPH sportsbook.

What You Need to Start a Pay Per Head Shop

Essentially, you really only need a couple things to start a PPH sportsbook. Here they are:

  • Software: The software is the backbone of your business. It allows your players the ability to bet on sports, horse racing and casino games. The best pay per head services also have a lot of extra features built into the software making your day-to-day operations easier to run.
  • Website: Do you know any pay per head sportsbook that doesn’t have a website? You need a PPH sportsbook website so that your players can wager 24/7 without assistance. They can securely sign-in to the account you make them on any device (mobile-accessible).

With the software and website, you could essentially be up and running as an agent.

However, there are numerous other features included with our PPH service. Here they are:

  • Call Center: Some players still prefer calling in wagers. Sometimes the internet isn’t available. This is why we have a 24/7 call centre. Our clients receive a toll-free number that you can share with your clients. They can call in to receive player support or to place wagers.
  • Reporting: The reporting features handle all of the financials and accounting. Having all of this data tracked automatically saves bookies a lot of time. The reports are available 24/7 on secure offshore servers without any identifying information.
  • Huge Team: Our experienced staff based in Costa Rica are here to help you. We have a lot of in-house staff, including developers, IT professionals, call center reps and oddsmakers.

We’ll Help You Start a PPH Sportsbook Today

The simpler answer to how to get a PPH sportsbook quickly is to partner with us.

We have the software, we’ll develop a custom site for you, we have a 24/7 call center, our oddsmakers create thousands of weekly betting markets and we want to help you grow your business.

Our pay per head services have been helping bookies for many years.

Could you even imagine the cost of trying to develop software for agents and a website, then hiring a team to handle the day-to-day business operations? You’d need a massive budget. It simply isn’t feasible, which is where our affordable pay per head services help agents remain profitable.

It gets better. You can start a pay per head sportsbook today with no upfront costs.

That’s right, we’re offering everyone who wants to start a PPH sportsbook a free trial. You can join us today and you won’t need to pay a single dollar for the first two weeks you’re with us.

We’re not looking to make a quick buck, we’re after long-term partnerships. If you’re serious about this business, you can contact us today to get a PPH sportsbook business started.