What Is a Pay Per Head Agent?

A pay per head (PPH) agent is a person/business that operates a bookmaking business while utilizing a PPH service. Don’t worry, if you’re confused, we’re going to break everything down for you.

What Is a Pay Per Head Service?

We run a pay per head service. Essentially, our service provides a third-party the ability to operate an offshore online wagering website by utilizing our world-renowned pay per head software.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the major services we provide to a PPH agent:

  • Software: Our pay per head software is developed to be a complete solution. We have built it from scratch and it has everything you’ll need.
  • Setting Lines: Our sports betting coverage is massive. We set lines for markets around the world on a daily basis and cover all major sports.
  • Accessibility: We’ve designed our platform to provide an amazing experience for your clients and they’ll be able to access your PPH agent using any device (mobile included).
  • Customer Service: :Let our English-speaking reps handle all support queries through our 24/7 call center, which can also be used by your clients to place telephone wagers.

How Do I Become a PPH Agent?

You become a PPH agent by partnering with us.

Sign-up for our free trial to get your first four weeks absolutely free with zero-risk. We handle all of the technology (software, website CMS, servers, etc.) and time consuming tasks.

After the trial period, a PPH agent will pay $10/head (starting rate). This means that you pay us $10 a week for each player that’s active on your player list with no minimums, commissions or fees.

Our pay per head service provides everything aspiring agents need.

We don’t do everything, though, here are the main things a PPH agent will need to do:

  • Source Clients: A PPH agent is nothing without clients. You could be using the best pay per head software, but with no clients, there’s no money to be made. Your most important task every single day is to market your company and source clients either locally or online.
  • Collect/Payout: You handle all of the money for your PPH agent. We recommend setting a collection date with your local clients (weekly/monthly) to square up. If you’re accepting clients you source online, make them post-up (deposit funds prior to wagering).
  • Build/Grow Relationships: It’s important to build relationships with your player base to build loyalty among your players. Make sure they’re happy, provide rewards from time to time and be reasonable. You should also seek to build marketing relationships.
  • Make Money: A PPH agent makes money on the commission (vig) they charge on each bet (if the action is balanced) or when they simply payout less than they take in. You can make good money in this industry and we’re ready to help you every step of the way.

In conclusion, a PPH agent is a business owner. You need to take it seriously. Your first big decision is to decide on the pay per head service you want to partner with.

We’d be happy to earn your business. If you’d like to demo our pay per head software, contact us anytime and we’d be glad to walk you through our platform.